18 10 2011

Hi All!

Second post and its gonna be on the newest addition to the android mobile phone line-up. Hell yeah! Motorola is right on target this time.

The Motorola Droid RAZR (Spyder) has been launched today and will be available for pre-orders from Verizon by 27 October 2011 for $299. Price is on a bit-upper side, considering it will cost a fortune including 2 year contract & taxes. But the specs and built are very impressive. Its amazingly thinner and make us wonder if things can get so sleek!

Specs First!

Processor : 1.2GHz Dual core


Storage : 16GB (internal) and 16GB (expandable via microSD)

Display : 4.3 inch qHD Super AMOLED (first time on a mobile)

Battery : 1800 mAh Li-ion

Rear Camera : 8MP LED Flash; capable of 1080p HD video recording

Front Camera : available (res. unknown yet)

The hardware runs a Gingerbread v2.3 currently (very unappealing). Considering the ICS and Samsung Nexus Prime launch early tomorrow 🙂 , Spyder might be sour grape for ICS enthusiasts now. But the hardware can sustain ICS without a bit of jerk! When motorola launches the ICS update we all can start grinning 😀


The Spyder is amazingly designed with the stainless steel core impressing the most. The whole core is a stainless steel mould and hopefully, can add immense sturdiness to the phone. Also interesting is the waterproof coat (functionality completely not known yet), which might let you scuba-dive with your Spyder! Yes, MOTO promises water-proof shielding to internal circuits as well using a specialized nano-particle field around the phone’s surface. The Spyder boasts of a KEVLAR coat which will enhance sturdiness more.

Both power and volume rocker keys are placed on the right side. The connectivity port is placed on the top alongside the 3.5mm audio Jack. The phone is most thinnest exactly over the battery cover which is the most amazing part. I doubt Nexus Prime or any other Android coming closer to this thickness in next 4-6 months.

And yes, the phone seems to be well crafted and Motorola never seems to ditch the modular cubic design. The top rear plane which sports the camera is a bit bulky, but this might be handy while holding the phone providing extra grip and comfort for the hands. The back panel is textured to provide good feel in hands and improve the looks.

The phone sports 4G LTE connectivity which is currently wide-spread in US ( :(other countries need to wait) and you can surf at blazing speeds. Spyder can hook up 🙂 with several accessories right from New Lapdock to keyboards & HD docks. If you shell some extra bucks you might be able to savor them all!

So what can we see different in Samsung Nexus Prime which will be greeting the Honk Kong Citizens very shortly?

  • A curved display with similar technology
  • A quad-core processor inside!!! ( Hope I’m not being Gibberish!)
  • Firm NFC integration
  • Voice Assistant (Not optimistic!)
Both the phones would provide serious competition to the recently launched iPhone 4S. But the impact that Siri has made on the US mobile community is unbelievable. This personal voice assistant is well integrated with the OS and has a nice-sense of natural language with noise reduction! Siri, currently in beta stage requiring a lot of tweaks for countries apart from US is pure value for money.
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What’s left? Its now upto fellow Americans to buy the Spyder and test it for yourself.
Tune in for more tomorrow.Tasty ICS is on the way!

The First Stone and A Fresh Start

17 10 2011

Hi All!

Starting to post!!! Gosh, its so freaky that we tend to think so much before starting to post our first blog.

So what would my blog contain? Everything from my favorites list – Football, mobile technology, Dining @ places, Nature, Travel, foraying into unknown things and obviously a few of my escapades. Was that short ? 😦

The main interests would be football and mobile technology. I’m not a mature writer or hardcore tech-geek, so do not worry about machine level language or hooliganism here.

I would post my first one on mobile tech and in following days something about football.

For now, adios amigos!!!